Baby knitting

There was a baby shower for a lovely friend of mine over the weekend.  Obviously I knit something:



It’s cotton and airy because no baby wants wool in May, right?  The pattern is Limberlost Trails, although I did have to change the edging to a simple picot bind off, rather than the edging given in the pattern, since I ran out of time (if you guessed I finished this Saturday morning and it was still a little damp from blocking when I put it in the box… you would be right).


Baby also got a little sweater, which I just kind of made up as I went:



Those buttons were a lucky find from my button box, which was a lucky find at Goodwill.  What wasn’t so lucky was that I dropped the box at the store and buttons spilled everywhere, all over, and it was probably the most embarrassing retail experience of my adult life.  But, after I picked all the buttons up I did get a sweet button stash for three bucks.

Origami til you drop

If this ever falls off the wall, I’m going to need a lot of therapy.


There are not 1000 of them, although that was my original intent.  I folded close to 800 before I realized that I already had too many for the space I wanted to fill.


They’re folded from old dictionary pages, and then I painted the wings later.  I still have close to 300 leftover.  Is there a market for paper cranes on etsy?



Dinosaurs are pretty great.


They’re even better when they’re shiny and gold and on my fireplace mantel, hanging out with the candlesticks and classing up the whole scene.


I found him in the dollar bins at Target, and when we got home I introduced him to my good friend, Ms. Gold Spray Paint.  I think they hit it off splendidly.

A Spring Update


I still had all my wintery things out on the mantel, and with it being April and the midwest experiencing a glorious heat wave (it’s 60 degrees today!  WHAT!!!), I thought that perhaps the mantel should get a little sprucing up.  I made these with sticks, hot glue, and tissue paper, and it took more time for the glue gun to heat up than it did to actually finish the project.


I cut up some pink tissue paper into 1 inch-ish squares, wrapped each square around the flat end of a pen, and then dabbed some hot glue on it to stick it to the branches.


This was one of those projects I conceived in my head during a kitchen break at work, and it actually turned out the way I thought it should.  Don’t you love it when that happens?

For Your Rustic Dining Needs



This took all of five minutes to make, once I had gathered the proper tools…. which took eight days.  Of course, it should be stated that the eight day tool-gathering process was really more of an eight day procrastinate-going-to-the-hardware-store process.

If you also have rustic dining needs, just snag yourself an attractive log and an appropriately sized spade bit for your drill.  I made mine for tea lights, which measured just shy of 1 1/2″.  I drilled my holes to be just a little more shallow than the tea lights, for easy removal whey then have burned down.

Also, who doesn’t love a good excuse to buy mini gourds?

This is how I’m being crafty tonight

It's great when your knitting coordinates with your outdoor furniture.

Knitting is always my go-to downtime activity, but sometimes I find myself counting the minutes to my lunch break so I can scarf down some food and knit, knit, knit, and then I’m knitting at stoplights on the way home, and if I’m lucky I get home and the husband is out watching football with a friend, and I can knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit until I have left a reasonable bedtime in the dust and worn a groove into my fingers where I hold my yarn, and I’m making all sorts of plans to sleep for five hours and then knit, knit, knit, some more before work in the morning, and then I’ll have my lunch break tomorrow…

It would also appear that instances of comma misuse are directly proportional to levels of enthrallment with knitting.  Bet you didn’t learn that in English 101.